key drivers of Globalisation

Question: Discuss the key drivers of Globalisation since the 1970s and demonstrate how these have altered the nature of international business?

Guidance: In considering this question you should focus entirely on the material covered in this unit within chapters 1 to 4 inclusive of the text by Hill et. al. Global Business Today: Asia Pacific Perspective.  China should not play a significant role in the analysis especially when discussing the period 1970s to 2000. You should confine your research at this stage to the text by Hill et al


A reflective marker is a short written piece of assessment that aims to encourage you to engage in an analytical manner with set material from the course. This assessment piece assists in the development of a strong authorial voice and an original analytical approach to your written work. You must reference the course material used to develop response to the question. As this is a reflective piece of work, you may use the ‘first person’ structure in written work. You will be expected to develop a reflective response to the question in 1200 words.


The reflective marker needs to provide evidence of your engagement with the textbook material for this unit. You should not merely use the internet to gather a range of opinion on the topic

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