Knowledge management system

Each student team must identify a relevant ethical or business environmental problem that is faced by a localized industry, governmental sector and develop a prototype knowledge management system utilizing contemporary technologies. Students must demonstrate the ability to evaluate technological solutions based upon their requirements and the expected outcomes of those technologies. A short written report is to be provided and demonstration conducted near the end of the term that discusses the technologies employed and the expected outcomes of the use of the prototype. Each student team may utilize Google Wave and / or other technologies for developing their prototype, although extra credit will be given for students who integrate proprietary software programs that are available on the Internet or otherwise at their disposal.



Knowledge management systems refer to any type of information technology systems that stores and retrieves knowledge, locates knowledge, improves collaboration captures and makes us of knowledge, mining of repositories for the hidden knowledge and in some other cases enhances the knowledge management process (Zhang, et al., 2012). The concept of knowledge management system is considered as the most discussed topic in knowledge management. Knowledge management system is a system used for applying and the application and the use of knowledge management principles (Ichijo and Kohlbacher, 2007).  They include data driven objectives on industrial productivity, competitive industrial and sectarian models intelligence analysis and so on. The knowledge management system is made up of software models that are served by a centrally placed user interface.  Some of the aspects allow for mining of data on the history and the input of the customer along with the sharing or the provision of electronic documents (Zhang, et al., 2012).

Knowledge management system has had a significant impact in solving ethical issues in the particularly in the. This has had adverse effects on the environment brought about by the car industry has to do majorly with air pollution (Kazi & Samad, 2004).  The objective of this report is to come up with a prototype of methodology of a knowledge management system that is based on a knowledge management system that is based on a holistic approach of an environmentally friendly project management which can make it possible for the facilitation of the knowledge management initiative that seeks to improve the competitiveness of car industry companies like Toyota in environmental management (Kazi & Samad, 2004).


Developing a knowledge management system using environmental management system

Environmental management system refers to a knowledge management system where the management of an industry’s environmental program is done in a comprehensive, planned a documented and a systematic way. The system includes the structure of the industry, planning, implementing and a maintenance policy for purposes of protecting the environment (Ichijo and Kohlbacher, 2007). Formally speaking, the environmental management system is a system and a database which brings together the procedures and processes for the training of personnel, monitoring making summaries and the reporting…………….

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