knowledge management system

Investigate knowledge management system
1.1 Review structure of existing knowledge management system and develop an understanding of its operation
1.2 Interview clients and staff to determine information requirements
1.3 Identify frequently requested information
1.4 Create a structure for organising information
1.5 Document structure and forward to appropriate person for approval

Create knowledge management system
2.1 Retrieve identified information
2.2 Organise information to follow the approved structure
2.3 Document information structure

Distribute and monitor knowledge management system documentation
3.1 Distribute knowledge management system documentation to clients and staff
3.2 Gather feedback from clients and staff and incorporate into improving systems and processes
3.3 Monitor use of knowledge management system to determine effectiveness
3.4 Make changes to knowledge management system
3.5 Make knowledge management system documentation available
3.6 Implement and monitor process improvements

PART A – You are to review the KMS used either by
• Your RTO;
• Provided to you by your assessor;
• Used within a business of your choice (as approved by your assessor)

Your review is to:
• Investigate the structure of the KMS
• Interview users of the KMS to determine knowledge and use of the system
• Identify what information is the most frequently requested
• Monitor the KMS to determine how it is used and its effectiveness
• Review the structure for storing, organising and retrieving the information
• Comment on the overall effectiveness with detailed rationale behind your opinions

PART B – Once reviewed, you are to develop a KMS improvement strategy to refine and improve the full KMS system. This requires you to:
• Take your recommendations as outlined in Part A, and develop a new and refined KMS process
• Create and / or update all required documentation (procedures, work flows, etc)
• Develop an instruction manual (in an easy to read format) to help people understand and comprehend the changes
• Set up an intranet and upload your KMS documentation, processes and training resources
• Ensure your intranet is easy to follow, and information is easy to access
• Demonstrate your KMS intranet to others and gain feedback on the improvement
• Refine your intranet as a result
• Provide your final intranet to your assessor as evidence of this task

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