Law for Social work

Research Essay questions (4,000 words).
Chose one of the following scenarios and respond to the questions concerning preparation of a court report.
You work for the Dept of Family and Community Services, NSW and you have been asked to prepare a report as a departmental officer to help the court determine if there are grounds for a care order and what is in the child’s best interests in the following case Police raid finds boy kept in a locked shed and an elaborate underground hydroponic setup
You work for the Department of Juvenile Justice, NSW and you have been asked to prepare a report to help the court decide on the sentence for the 15y/o who was charged with stealing a car, armed robbery and unlicensed and reckless driving. See Three teens charged over a string of robberies and a car chase

1. Which areas would you need to cover in preparing the report? Justify your choices?
2. How would you go about gathering information to prepare the report? Outline your plan for collecting this information and the steps you would need to take.
3. How would you go about deciding what information is relevant or not relevant in the report? Explain your reasons.
4. Identify and explain the principles that would guide the completion of this report.
5. Identify and critically analyse the organisational, ethical and practical issues you might encounter in the process of writing the report?

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