legal problem solving technique

Assignment (35%):
Students are required to complete an assignment on their allocated tutorial topic (or upon another topic in the tutorial program should they prefer). Minor amendments to the stated topic or to its scope might be made with the prior approval of the lecturer. Feedback will be provided by the lecturer on the extent to which each student meets three main criteria, namely: (1) presentation; (2) organisation and structure of the argument/ answer; and (3) original research or insight. The threshold criteria for grades of Credit and above are a high standard in presentation and organisation of the argument/answer. A Distinction or High Distinction will generally be awarded only when a student achieves the threshold standards of presentation and organisation, and additionally addresses the research topic at a superior level – evidenced through his or her original research or insights.

Communication/ Presentation
Correct syntax, grammar and spelling.
Clarity of thought and expression

Demonstrated knowledge of the law

Answer reflects a good knowledge of the relevant legislation and relevant case law – an understanding of their scope and operation

Analytical skills
(legal problem solving technique)

Ability to identify and analyse legal issues through clear statements of the relevant law and legal principles – and the application of the law to the legally relevant or “material” facts.

Reaching a conclusion and expressing it clearly. Advice should be provided on the courses of action open to the complainant, and the implications of taking such action.

In assessing your analytical skills, the originality of any legal research you undertake, or the originality of your insights into the application of the law may determine your ultimate grade


Typed, stapled, LH 6 cm margin, LH and RH justified, bibliography, correct citations of cases and legislation, layout/setting out (use of appropriate headings -clarity, ease of reading), conformity with Canberra Law Review Style Guide and formal requirements expressed in the Unit Outline.

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