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You work for a company that gives advice to political candidates of both parties. Your firm has been contracted to provide strictly non-partisan advice to state legislators to help them to make decisions about critical policy issues confronting the state of Texas. You should choose one specific policy area of import (legalizing medical marijuana) to Texas over the next several years. The legislators need to know (1) why the issue is so important, (2) how the issue has developed over time, (3) what the alternative choices (pros and cons of each side or option) are, (4) who supports and opposes each alternative, and (5) what are the benefits and costs of each alternative. NOTE: You must write memos that are completely fair and speak objectively about all sides of the issue.
Assignment – Final paper (80 points) Then, write a five- six page policy memo. The memo should explain: Why is this a critically important issue in Texas. How many people does this affect? Who are they? Why should the government be involved in this? Be specific. • How has the issue developed over time? What has happened in the past and the present to make it so important to make a choice about this issue now? How did we get where we are? • What are the chief alternatives we can choose (solutions, recommended course of action – Pros and cons of each policy?) • Who supports and opposes these alternatives? Do the political parties take clear stands on thisissue? • What interest groups support and oppose these alternatives? • How does the public feel about this choice?. Does opinion differ by different subgroups in society (men/women, race, religion, region etc.) Be sure to use public opinion polls if possible (excellent place to use chart or table). • Recommended choice: In the final paragraph, you can indicate how this choice should be made and explain your e reasoning. Be clear, logical and precise. • Please carefully review grading rubric to see how each component affects your grade. • Please follow either the APA or MLA Style Citation format [More information can be found on the college library website]. • ALL PAPERS SHOULD USE NO LESS THAN 6 REFERENCES & REFERENCE PAGE

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