Lego Case Study

Lego Case Study * Questions • up to 150 words, per question. 1. According to Broadbent and Kitzis, how can the CIO weave business and IT strategies together? 2. How can the OGTM framework assist a CIO to set IT strategy? 3. The Lego Group was facing financial ruin in the early 2000s. How was this avoided and the current high growth and high profit organisation of today established? 4. Consider the Exploring Strategy Model (Figure 1.3) and apply it to the LEGO Group in 2015. 5. The LEGO Case Study mentions the importance of on-boarding new employees, a high level of product innovation and a focus on cost, quality and supply chain. How do modern enterprise information systems support these strategic priorities? 6. What features of the external environment have influenced strategy development at the LEGO Group? 7. What resources and competences of the LEGO Group have enabled them to regain their successful position in the global toy market? 8. What alternative strategies were open to the LEGO Group in 2004? Why did the group chose the course they did? 9. Looking at the LEGO Group today, how would you approach strategy development to ensure success of for the company in the future? 10. As the CIO of the LEGO Group, what are your IT strategic priorities?

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