Literature Review

Assessment 2 is a Literature Review which will include an Annotated Bibliography. Students are asked to look for a minimum of 10 Academic Refereed Articles and write a Literature Review on one question/topic from the following list. It is recommended that you choose a Topic that will help you in the process of writing Assessment 3.



  1. Singapore Airlines:  “Case Study of Singapore National Airlines”.

How does Singapore Airlines measure up in terms of your concept of an ‘excellent, well managed” company?

  1. San Miguel: “San Miguel’s Expansion into Southeast Asia”

What are the most significant questions affecting competition in the Asian brewing industry?

  1. SIFCO Industries, Inc. (China)

What type of international strategy has SIFCO Industries pursued?

  1. Lenovo: “Lenovo acquisition of IBM’s Personal Computer division”

What were Lenovo’s aims when they acquired IBM’s personal computer division?

  1. Air Asia: “Air Asia Opportunities or Challenges.”

What are the main features that differientiate Air Asia from traditional carriers?


Students are required to provide a critical review of the literature on their chosen topic. This means you:

    • are required to do more than summarise the literature.
    • need to highlight any similarities and differences within the literature as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the approach they review.
    • are also required to identify the gaps within the literature and any issues that warrant future research.

You can use either the APA or Harvard referencing style but whichever you choose, please use it consistently throughout your review.

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