Each case analysis and report should include the following sections:
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction. State the background information, current situation facing the firm and other relevant issues.
3. The Vision, Mission and Strategic Marketing Objectives: Vision and mission of the organization, objectives of the marketing plan, target markets, demographics, psychographics, and major marketing problem and issues.
4. Environmental Analysis (PESTEL): Identify the broader situation affecting the company including demographics, technology, innovation, economic characteristics and forces of change and attractiveness of the industry.
5. Competitor Analysis: Identify the market share, growth, etc. You can show information specific to the company as well as comparing with competitors (at least two major competitors). Preset some highlights of financial status of the chosen company. Present information using various types of graphs, figure, pie charts etc. 6. Internal/ SWOT Analysis: Identify the firm’s resources, capabilities, core competencies, value chain activities.
7. Marketing Mix Strategies: Product, price, distribution (or 7Ps in relation to services), and promotion using integrated marketing communications (IMC).
8. Recommendations and Implementation. Provide some managerial implications for practice in International markets arising from your study. Include ‘Green Marketing Practices’ and Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility in your assessment.
9. Conclusion. Write a final conclusion highlighting the strategic areas of your plan and place some remarks.
10. Appendix (graphs, charts, figures, pictures etc.)
The student groups are advised to choose from any one of the following topic/s. Please inform your instructor about your group choice of topic, and it is not recommended for two groups from the same tutorial to present the same topic. Hence it is important to advise your instructor of your group details and the choice of topic in advance.

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