Management Brief: Evaluating Internationalization strategy

The Management Brief represents the culmination of all your work on this module. Having undertaken an environmental audit on three market regions for the first module assignment (on BOFFI (A): MANAGING INTERNATIONAL IN LUXURY GOODS) and studied internationalization process and its management, you are now required to independently evaluate the internationalization strategy of the business and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on suitable future internationalization options available to the business. Your evaluation and recommendations should be presented as a Management Brief.

A concise summary of key findings from your environmental analysis that justify further internationalization and your evaluation and recommendations should be presented as a Management Brief, using the framework given below and presented to your tutor for assessment through the usual channels, in Moodle through Turnitin.
Your Management brief should include:
1. Title Page

2. Executive summary

3. Table of contents

4. Introduction

5. Summary of Environmental Audit (Current markets)
(concise presentation of the key finding from your environmental analysis drawing conclusion to validate need for all the choices you will recommend. i.e further international development, new host country, strategy to adopt, entry mode etc. this could be evidenced through appendixes to the management brief.)

– A detailed SWOT discussion could be useful (presenting evidences of finding)

6. Internationalization
• External Analysis (minimum of two new host countries)
– Macro, micro and lifecycle
• Motive for Internationalization
• Evaluation of National Competitive Advantage
• Evaluation of mode(s) of entry (Suitability and feasibility)

6. Conclusions and Recommendations (including pros and cons)

8. References

9. Appendix (if required)

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