Management of Functions and Events

You are required to devise a complex event within a major international 5-Star hotel. You are contracted to act as an independent event organiser for a hotel and location of your own choosing.

This report has been authorized by hotel management to determine the feasibility of conducting an event based on the information contained below.

The Marketing; Sales and Events team require the latest market insights on event trends and determine the type of event that would be suitable for the hotel to host in a period of low-yield and/or occupancy in the hotels event space. The hotel has excellent, multi-purpose event space, and has a market presence in the region.

You are to address the following:

 an event of your choice (i.e. a Charity or Fundraising event, Public ticketed event such as Food and Wine Festival, etc.)

 an event type of your own choice (i.e. a banquet, festival, exhibition, etc.),

 size (anticipated numbers),

 Target market (of potential attendees),

 Suggested time of year, and why?

 Suggested length of event, number of hours, day/s, weekday, weekend, etc.)

It is recommended that you use some (not all, suggest minimum of four (4) of the topics throughout the subject, such as:

 Trends and Practices, including Competitor analysis

 Planning and Planning Tools for Events

 Financial budget considerations

 HR Planning

 The Marketing Strategy, Including Sponsorship and Promotions

 Legal and Risk Issues of Event Management

 Analysing and evaluating an event, based on history, knowledge, etc.

 You are also welcome to include additional ones of your choosing.
As the independent consultant you need to analyse the hotels current Events (hypothetical), market trends, provide benchmark examples of similar types of events available. You then need to provide a recommendation to the Marketing; Sales and Events team with a strategy that the organisation can host an event that meets the hotels Corporate Social Responsibilities, an event type that the hotel is capable of marketing, and that is current, interesting and profitable.

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