Management of Technology – 1. Mobile Computing 2. Analytics 3. Cloud Computing

Part I – 15%
Please study the attached “A CASE STUDY OF THE SATELLITE PHONE INDUSTRY” document and answer case study questions 1 – 6 under Appendices (A) page 55.
Answers should be brief and to the point not exceeding 3 Pages excluding references
Part II – 25%
Choose any ONE of the following three topics of the attached document on “How to drive innovation and business growth”
1. Mobile Computing
2. Analytics
3. Cloud Computing
You are required to undertake an independent research on your chosen topic and write an overview highlighting its current status, lessons learnt, strategy to address key issues globally and in Australia. Not exceeding six pages excluding reference page.
– Standard Assignment format with academic references (10 -15)
– Please ask for any clarification on the Assignment in class or via email

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