Managers in a global business environment (The new global Manager)

The subject: The concept of management across cultures.

The topic of the essay: Managers in a global business environment (The new global Manager).

The main point of the essay: 1- Traditional views of management.
2- Rethinking managerial roles.
3- Culture and the managerial role.
4- Types of global assignments.
5- Developing global management skills.

Word limit: 2500 words Max.

The following is a list of recommended considerations for this essay:

Undertake further, independent critical research into that topic.
Define the topic; then consider it from a range of critical perspectives.
Analyze any conflicts in the literature in relation your topic.
Answer the question: Why is (topic x) important to me if I want to pursue a
career as manager across cultures?
Answer the question: What have I learned about (topic x) and how will I
use that knowledge in the future?

Following points are very important to be considered:

evidence of research and critical reflection
analysis of contentious issues
reflections and conclusions
evidence of application of learning to your career planning
writing structure and flow.

Note: 1- You should be a professional writer, so I do not need to tell you how to write an essay and what the essay is. If you find it hard to understand or you can’t do it perfectly, please do not waste our time because I will refund the order directly after I find it is bad.

2- I think I made it easy for you by giving you this structure, so do not make hard. Good luck.

3- If you want to understand the topic, read the management across culture book by Richard M. Steers.

4- Next page you will see the some references.

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