Managing Equality and Diversity at Work

Managing Equality and Diversity at Work

Answer one long question and answer three short ‘tweets’ questions. The tweets have to be 140 characters each. Total word limit is 3,000 words (one long question and 3 short ‘tweets’ questions).

Whichever question you choose to do for your assignments you need to make sure that you make reference to the theoretical aspects of the subject and link your answer to the debates surrounding equality and diversity. Your answers should also be referenced correctly utilising “Harvard APA”. In addition, you should ensure that the sources you use in your essays are mainly based on academic journal articles or other reputable sources such as government reports. Each session provides a list of sources to help you but you should research additional material.

Assessment criteria :-

The mark for your coursework assignment will be based on the extent to which you have:

a) drawn on the information provided in the workshops and other relevant material to address the question posed
b) demonstrated appropriate knowledge of the equality and diversity issues relevant to the essay question;
c) shown a critical understanding of the equality and diversity issues discussed;
d) used relevant secondary literature to inform and underpin your analysis of the
e) conveyed your arguments in clear and logical manner.

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