Market Audit – strategic analysis of the organization

You are required to select an organisation of your choice and to undertake a strategic analysis of the organization, which aims to achieve an understanding of the key strategic issues, both externally and internally, that are likely to influence the performance of the company into the future.
This is an individual assignment. In this report, you are required to write a 2500 word report including 200 words of an executive summary, but excluding references and appendix. You should also perform the following tasks:
1. Describe briefly the background information of the firm (or SBU) assigned. This information should be brief and relevant to the discussion of your assignment and thus may include ownership, history, size, business scope, major products/services, and major markets of the firm (or SBU) selected.
2. Conduct external environment analysis including a macro-environment analysis and Porter’s 5 forces analysis:
(1) Conduct a macro-environment analysis for the entire industry within which the firm (or SBU) operates. You should use PESTEL model and focus on the understanding of the purpose of this analysis, the identification of key factors and their implications in terms of key opportunities and threats, and the discussion of their overall impact on the industry growth in the future. Draw your conclusion based on your macro-environment analysis.
(2) Undertake a competitive analysis using Porter’s 5 forces model. You are required to pay attention to the purpose of this analysis, the inter-connectedness of different aspects of the competitive forces, and their overall impact on the industry and the organisation selected in terms of main driving forces in the competitive environment. Draw your conclusions based on your five-force analysis.
3. Conduct internal environment analysis. You should identify key resources and competencies of the firm (or SBU) that are likely to provide sustainable competitive advantage.
4. Summarise your findings based on your external and internal environment analysis. Identify the key issues that the firm (or SBU) faces and give your recommendations.
5. Draw your conclusion.
You may select any organisation (local or international) with enough publicly available information to enable you to address the assessment criteria. If you choose a large organization eg. Wesfarmers, make sure you select one of the companies/ divisions for your analysis such as Bunnings or Coles to make sure your organization only covers one industry.
While working on this task, assume that your report will be presented to senior management to inform the strategy team of the key strategic issues facing the company.

The aims of this assignment are:
– To provide you with an opportunity to describe and explain concepts addressed.
– To develop cognitive and practical skills by applying theoretical concepts to practical, organisational situations.
– To develop analytical skills by evaluating and justifying courses of strategic action for organisations
– To develop research skills through in-depth research on this particular topic.
– To practice and develop presentation skills through formal case study reporting.

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