Marketing Report Outline Sample

Marketing Report Outline Sample


Activity Detail Page #
1.     Executive Summary





2.    Introduction and background to the company

Half a page executive summary

Introduction to the task, definition, purpose and value of a SWOT

analysis for organizations.


Introduction to the company being analysed – including e.g. RELEVANT

history, current market, product lines etc

3.     SWOT table  


On one page, present the SWOT analysis in a table format, making sure

to rank the elements in each of the SWOT dimensions.


4.     Findings

a. Explanation of the

SWOT table

Students are required to provide an overview of their findings and

describe their approach and choice of ranking.

5.     Recommendations a. Target market b. New product


c.  Customer value proposition

d. Justification of the choice of new product using at least one strategy



Identify and describe using segmenting variables, one target market being served by your company.


Describe your new product designed for your identified target market. Include the relevant marketing mix variables.

Explain the customer value provided by your new product. Explain how their new product ‘fits’ with the SWOT analysis by

describing at least one strategy profile being addressed (e.g. S-O, W-O



6.     References list and


 Harvard Referencing style 7



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