Brief Description of Project Topic:
In any multifunction organization there would be issues related to the communication, objectives and strategies between the departments. For any organization it is so critical to operate effectively and rapidly to achieve excellence, with the competition arising to new high levels operating with comfort zones is not an option any more. Reliable departments and superb communication are vital in any effective organization, reduce respond time assure first time right and reach targets with the defined limits are constrains for any successful department.
Project Rationale:
Amis and Objectives: This study shall address the communication difficulties within the organization and analyze them, this process would allow the project to proceed to the next phase which is solution recommendation. The objectives of the whole project is to give advices and communication plans supported with flow chart to resolve communication problems.
What is your business reason for pursuing this project? What outcome do you anticipate the organization to benefit from?
Clear and effective communication within the organization.
How will completing this project better prepare you for performing in your work environment or the business venture?
Reduces conflict and bring opinions closer.
Does the project involve content in a paper that was written for another class?
☒ No
☐ Yes
If yes, please submit a copy of the project/paper with this form.

Action by Faculty Project Advisor:
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☐ Not Approved

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