Mechanical Engineering project assignment

Project – Group Assignment
As a Mechanical Engineer, you are likely to be involved in the design of different products
and components. Selecting a material that is suitable for the task not only involves
identifying a material that meets the property requirements for the application, but also
consideration of the manufacturing processes involved and the environmental impacts.
Your task is to work in a group to prepare a report on:
• Description of the selected product or component
• Identification of the property requirements for the application
• Assessment of candidate materials, including a simple mathematical comparison
of properties
• Comparison of narrowed selection of candidate materials (2 or 3)
• Selection of preferred material with explanation
• Manufacturing processing route
• Consideration of environmental impact
• Discuss the microstructure of the material related to the manufacturing process
and property requirements
• Summary of material and manufacturing process
2-3 students in a group.
Written Report
The written report is to be submitted as a group and is expected to total approximately 7-10
pages. As a group assignment, all members of the group will receive the same mark. The
allocation of marks is:
Content – All aspects of the task are presented 70%
Report style – Clarity of presentation, grammar, use of
supporting material (diagrams, pictures, photos),
references given
The written project report is worth 18% of the mark for NEM3201. This report is due at the
conclusion of the tutorial on 6 October, 2015 (2pm).
NEM3201 Manufacturing Materials
Plagiarism is not acceptable. All references for any information/diagrams/pictures must be
Author name, Title of Publication, Publisher, Year of Publication, page number(s)
Full web address (must be a reputable site)
Your hard copy assignment must be submitted to the lecturer by the due date with a signed
group declaration. The College of Engineering & Science Group Assignment Cover Sheet is
available on the university website Assignments will not be accepted
without a group declaration.
In addition, you will need to upload an electronic copy of your group assignment into VU
Collaborate before midnight on the due date.
Late hard copy and/or electronic submissions will incur a deduction. Hard copy assignments
will be returned after marking.
Individual Reflective Journal
Each member of the team is to submit their own reflective journal. This is to include date,
diary of activities (individual or team) working on the assignment and personal reflection
indicating an understanding of the learning objectives, self-awareness and growth, and
responsiveness to support and feedback from others.
Upload an electronic copy of your individual reflective journal into VU Collaborate before
midnight on 6 October, 2015. Scanned copies of legible handwritten journals are acceptable.
Late submission of the individual reflective journal will result in an individual deduction of
10% from the group assignment mark.
Project Topics
Your project topic should be one of the following:
• Automotive body panels
• Heat sink for a printed circuit board
• Marine propeller
• Window frames
• Cryogenic container
• High temperature furnace element
• Military helmet
• (or other topic by agreement with the lecturer)

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