Myra Hindley

Case Study – Myra Hindley

1.0 Introduction


2.0 Definitions of the Offence

-Provide the reader with an understanding of the legal definitions of the crime(s) the

perpetrator has committed as per the Criminal Code of Western Australia (1913).

 Provide the reader with an understanding of the behavioural definition as listed in

the DSM-5


3.0 History of the Offender

-Briefly telling a story of the offender’s life from childhood to adulthood.

• Identifying 4-5 (maybe more or less) life event that may have triggered offending


• Use references from: journal articles, books, life histories, in-depth interviews, media

reports, newspaper articles


4.0 Theoretical Explanations of Behaviour

For each life event justify using theory and/or research to support the view that it did

contribute to offending.

• Use references from Academic Sources Only journal articles and text books (the

majority should be from journal articles).

• **Tip**

• Don’t just discuss one psychological theory discuss a number of theories.


5.0 Conclusion

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