This assessment requires you to write an analytical, reflective paper include;

  1. a description of nonverbal communication skills.
  2. a discussion of nonverbal communication skills in relation to nursing workplace by answering these question
  • What is the purpose of nonverbal communication skills in nursing?
  • What question, issue, or problem is nonverbal communication skills designed to deal with in nursing?
  • What is the most important information a nurse needs to understand and be able to use nonverbal communication skills?
  • What models, theories, or frameworks are available to help understand or practice nonverbal communication skills?
  • Are there differences of opinion about this skill? Different perspectives or ways of implementing nonverbal communication skills in nursing?
  • What are some of the assumptions behind nonverbal communication skills, the things that are taken for granted about this skill?

After that, you will then plan an activity to teach the skill to at least three of your professional colleagues. Your paper will then discuss a number of aspects of the process and your experience related to communication include;

  1. an outline of the process you used to evaluate and teach nonverbal communication skills to your professional colleagues.
  2. a reflection on the process and outcome of your teaching session.
  3. and what might be done in the future to continue improving the skill in nursing.


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