Please strictly follow the structure (3000 words)

Reference: 15 literature reviewed articles (2010-2015)



Introductory statement clearly indicates the main purpose of the contribution and suggests the plan of organisation, so the reader can anticipate the text that will follow.



  1. Describe the intervention/approach and its theoretical foundations

(for example:

  • What is narrative and why do we need to tell lived experience/stories?
  • What is narrative therapy?
  • The aim of narrative therapy?
  • Its theoretical foundations
  1. Critically analyse the use of the intervention in mental health practice by exploring the therapeutic strengths and limitations of the approach
  2. Identify and discuss racial, cultural, religious and gender sensitivity needed on the part of the counsellor/therapist for your particular intervention
  3. Identify and discuss ethical issues that need to be considered within the client/ therapist relationship within your particular intervention
  4. Discuss the implications for the approach in future mental health practice.






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