Old age is a social construction. Discuss

Old age is a social construction. Discuss this statement and how it relates to health care for people with dementia in Australia. Support your argument with recent Australian data and at least one sociological concept or theory.

The essay should include:
1. An overview of credible epidemiological data relating to the issue and relevant population groups, and
2. In depth discussion of sociology and how specific theories and concepts can be applied and used to better understand the patterns and experiences of the issue.
The following points provide the scope for what you need to cover:
• Brief history of the health issue (eg, is it a recent phenomenon, how has the issue changed or become more prominent in recent times?).
• Global, Australian and local epidemiological data from credible sources on the issue and relevant population groups (eg, how do figures vary country by country, state by state, between LGAs, and in comparison between population groups).
• Describe relevant sociological theories or concepts in depth, and apply these ideas to the health issue to demonstrate how we can better understand this in a sociological context. Discuss how they help to explain and understand the health issue or differential.
• Use academic sources to support your arguments throughout the essay.
• See the ‘tips for essay preparation’ for more detailed information about how to approach the essay.
Structure and Referencing:
• Use APA referencing with thorough in text citations and reference list.
• Use a minimum of 10 appropriate academic and epidemiological references.
• Provide evidence to support all of the statements made in the essay. Do not make any claims without appropriate referencing. If you are unsure about this then consult the Referencing guidelines on the Student Learning Centre FLO site, and also go through the Academic Integrity for Students topic on FLO – ACINT001.
• Word file (.doc or .docx). Clearly labelled with:
o topic number and title,
o student name and ID,
o tutor name,
o assignment title
• Minimum of 1.5 line spacing throughout
• Include page numbers
• Minimum 10pt font Arial or 12pt Times New Roman, no italics
HLTH2101 AE3: Essay Guidelines
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Your essay should use the following structure: See also the Essay Assignment Planner, available on FLO for you to use as a more detailed planning tool.

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