paediatric pharmacological agents Traumatic Brain Injury

You are required to review the current literature in order to obtain evidence to support your answer for the statements you choose to address.
the following questions to answer, each answer should be 750 words long and use APA referencing. Please include your references at the end of each question.

1 A fundamental skill in paediatric life support is management of the airway. The paediatric airway differs in many ways to that of an adult. Discuss two of these differences, how they impact on airway assessment and the management tools and techniques that can be used.

2 Discuss the benefits and risks of pharmacological agents, including their routes of administration for paediatric patients with moderate to severe pain.

3 Management of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) used to include hyperventilation and diuretics to lower intracranial pressure (ICP) as a standard first line treatment. When, and why did this change as a first line management strategy?

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