Paper review and presentation

Individual Assignment: Paper review and presentation
o Weighting Percentage:
o Addresses learning outcome(s):
 1. Analyse complex case study material.
 4. Develop and apply systematic approaches for formulating customer driven marketing strategies that achieve business objectives.
 5. Explore issues in new product development, brand equity, customer satisfaction quality and value issues.
 6. Develop pricing strategies.
 7. I identify growth opportunities for their organisation.
o Related graduate attribute(s):

This part of assessment has two sections: Writing a review report and presentation.
a. An individual student will be required to download five articles related to a specific marketing management problem from Marketing/ Marketing Management journal(s) and write a consolidated review report. They also need to present the key (summarised) implications of the reviewed articles. The articles must have relevance to some aspects of marketing management topic covered in the unit content. In particular, you are expected to focus on the following in your report.
• Background of the papers (10%)
(Hint: The background study is done in order to compile in brief all the existing and relevant information that is already present in the paper/s that you are due to review on the topic. This compilation is necessary because it serves the purpose of providing credibility to the whole research. All the supporting facts and sources are gathered through this process).
Note: Please comprehend and bring in all the components of all the papers together under this section
with appropriate references and do not attempt to write background for each reviewed paper separately.
Please follow the same for each of the section that you are about to attempt.
• Research issue(s) and identified problems in the articles (10%)
(Hint: A well-structured, properly-reported study must provide answers to all questions regarding the what, why, when, how, where, and who associated with the research. The problem statement offers the context necessary for addressing the why question as well as research gap in the reviewed papers (Tracy, 2007).
• Identify marketing theory/theories used in the articles (10%)
(Hint: The relationship between scientific research and marketing practice is to be identified. The main outcome of this attempt should be a heightened attention to academic and practitioner orientations to marketing research, while conspicuously leaving unexplored how both academics and practitioners theorize upon their observations as well as deal with, evaluate and use marketing theory. Specifically you need to identify the theories used in the reviewed studies)
• Major findings (25%)
(Hint: The major findings should consist of your analysis and understanding on the topic reviewed from the articles and not the findings of each of the paper reviewed. You may refer the major findings from each paper to integrate your understanding of the findings)
• Implications for marketing managers as outlined in the articles (25%)
(Hint: This section should attempt to state the objective steps to be undertaken for managerial practices in real time, and should bring-in together all the practices outlined in each of the articles reviewed. Please use your language skills to present the specific points and do not list it the same way as listed in the review articles. You get some managerial problems focused, identified, discussed in the reviewed articles of which you can outline some direction to solve those problems)
• Your comments on the key issues discussed in the articles/your recommendations (10%)
(Hint: Explore the key issues in each of the articles and construct themes of these issues, and then explore how the key issues have been analysed in the review papers and what recommendations have been placed to engage these issues in the real business world. Having observed the process in the review papers, you are now required to place your critical recommendations for your specific issues)
• Conclusions (5%)
(Hint: Your conclusions should stress the importance of the report statements, give your report a sense of completeness and be able to leave the final impression on the reader)
• References and bibliography, references are to be cited consistently following APA or Harvard style only (5%)
The word limit for this written review report will be 3000 (maximum) excluding references, tables and appendices.
b. Individual assignment presentation: Each individual student will be allocated 10 minutes to present the summarized content of his/her individual review assignment. More preference will be given to the implications of the articles and key directions for the learners. Assessment marks for this presentation is 10%.

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