Peer to peer Networking

Research Project
The aim of this assignment is to introduce you to the current state-of-the-art technologies being pursued by researchers and practitioners in both academia and industry. You will be required to write a maximum of 5 pages (as per the given IEEE format) on a topic in one of the areas listed below. You will be marked based on the following criteria:
Understanding (80%) — the report must demonstrate that you have conducted a comprehensive research on the topic, have a good understanding of the key ideas, system details, and fundamental problems/issues. Specifically, it must cover a subset or all of the following aspects: (i) what is it? (ii) why develop it? or what problem(s) does it solve? (iii) what applications does it facilitate? (iv) what are its key characteristics and limitations. Lastly, it must contain a ‘State-of-the-Art’ section containing a summary of two research papers covering one or more key problems, and corresponding solutions (ignore any analysis and results/experiments). Each summary must outline clearly the problem to be addressed and key ideas of the solution(s). Your summary will be viewed more favourably if they come from IEEE Transactions on Networking, ACM SIGCOMM, or/and IEEE INFOCOM.
Presentation (20%) — the report is presented in a coherent manner with proper IEEE referencing. Do not cite Wiki articles.

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