Perceptions of corruption in Australian government and public sector increase

Case Study

Please read the following news item:

“Perceptions of corruption in Australian government and public sector increase”  (Available at

In light of the case, please respond to the following questions:

  • Do you think, Australia’s sliding reputation in corruption perception index is reflective of the way Australian government and businesses operate globally?
  • Could they affect the way non-Australian business entities operate in Australia as well?
  • What are the steps Australian government requires to take in order to stop the slide and make both public and private sector operators more ethically responsible in their activities locally and internationally?

Use wide research to gather evidence for your perspective. You must demonstrate your ability to understand and incorporate ideas from academic (i.e., peer-reviewed) journals and other information sources, and show consistent argumentation throughout (not a mere description). Use relevant theories and examples in order to substantiate your arguments.

Note: You may find the following two article links useful in responding to these questions:

“Lax rules boost risk of organised crime snaring government contracts” (Available at

“Australia ‘failing’ to tackle bribery by multinational companies: OECD” (Available at

Distribution of Length

  • The assignment should have table of content
  • The assignment should have an introduction and a conclusion (maximum 250 words each);
  • Response to each question should be between 500 and 800 words;
  • Total length of the assignment should not exceed 2500 words.

Mandatory Referencing Requirements

  • It is important that the assignment reflects the student’s own understanding of relevant literature. An effective integration of these materials to the discussion is also vital that could primarily be achieved through the use of appropriate referencing.
  • Accordingly, at least 7(seven) academic references MUST be cited along with other non-academic references such as articles from periodicals, newspapers and web pages.

Structure, and Formatting

  • The students are expected to maintain a high standard in presenting their works.
  • The paper must be well-structured and well-argued. The clarity of expressions together with the appropriate use of grammar, spelling and punctuations are important to maintain.
  • Referencing format must strictly be adhered to (Harvard System).
  • As mentioned above, an appropriate structure must be maintained. An introduction as well as a conclusion is needed. Headings and sub-headings could be used.

Use appropriate pagination. 12 point font in Times New Roman should be used throughout. Double-spacing with appropriate margins on each side (at least 2 cm) need to be maintained.

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