Policy for Diversity and Equity in the workplace


Develop your own policy for Diversity and Equity in the workplace.

The scope of your Diversity and Equity policy is to be developed for an enterprise, small business or organization of your choice.

Accordingly you are required to address and include the following points in your policy:

  • A demonstration of the application of diversity policy and the capacity to critically review a diversity policy. As stated above your nominated Trainer will provide you a relevant and current Diversity and Equity Policy to benchmark and review.


  • Your Policy is to include a ‘promotion of strategies’ to ensure that diversity is understood and respected in the work team


  • Manages allegations of ‘harassment’ and address ‘complaints’ according to established organisational procedures


  • Identifies and addresses training needs to address issues of difference in the team


  • Manages tensions and encourages collaboration and respect between staff who struggle to work effectively with difference


  • Assists staff to understand that working effectively with difference is a strength that can improve the organisation’s products, services and customer relations


  • Includes and address the key features of the relevant current legislation including:


  1. Age Discrimination Act
  2. Disability Discrimination Act
  • Racial Discrimination Act
  1. Sex Discrimination Act
  2. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act


  • Finally your policy is to provide an opportunity for feedback and suggestions for improvement to ensure currency and efficacy of the diversity and equity policy
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