Power relations in Asia-Pacific CHINA

Power relations in Asia-Pacific Region


“CHINA” Case Study





  1. In your own words, briefly outline FOUR of China’s national interests. For each one states why it is important to China. (4 MARKS)


  1. Economic development
  2. Peaceful rise
  3. Secession and territorial integrity
  4. Creation of a socialist harmonious society


  1. Now choose only ONE of China’s national interests from above. Explain how China has attempted to reach this goal? (3 MARKS)



  1. Explain China’s official position on Taiwan. How is this position different from the position of the USA and the government of Taiwan? (3 MARKS)


  1. a) Which area of China’s national interest does the status of Taiwan fall under? (1 MARK)



  1. b) Using examples, explain how China has used ONE of the dimensions of power (either the Force, Knowledge or Hidden) to pursue this national interest. (3 MARKS)



  1. c) How successful have they been? Give evidence. (2 MARKS)




  1. Using evidence, compare the power of China and the United States. Which one is more powerful? Explain why? Set this out like a mini essay – introduction/body/conclusion.


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