print advertising topic of your interest

• 12 page double spaced term paper on a print advertising topic of your interest
• Explore a topic of your interest in more depth
• Several stages: defining a topic, conducting research and collecting evidence, analyzing and synthesizing the evidence, building a coherent argument and communicating your argument for a general audience in clear and concise words.
• In one double-spaced page or so, describe the topic that you will be exploring. Your statement should include some background on the topic that explains why it is interesting and leads up to the question that you plan to address your paper. You should also describe the kind of research you plan to do, whether you will look into specific examples and what issues or aspects of the question you expect to address. Also include 3 to 5 references that you found that you think will be important for the paper.
• The paper must be at least 12 pages but no more than 18 double spaced pages (12 point font , 1 inch margin on all sides). It is helpful to break the paper into sections, something like: Introduction, Point 1, point 2, point 3, conclusions, and reference. Be sure to include page numbers.
• APA citation format

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