Assignment 2 Length: 2,000 to 2,500 words (the word count includes all in-text references and quotations but excludes end-text references) Interview TWO people who have attempted to change a behaviour without the aid of formal treatment, then summarise and comment on your findings in an essay. You should endeavour to relate the findings from your interview to research findings. The behaviour can be either a drug or non drug behaviour e.g.  Attempted to diet  Attempted to give up smoking  Attempted to take up regular exercise One subject needs to have been successful in their attempted behaviour change and the other needs to have been unsuccessful. Assure the subjects of the confidentiality of the information, and do not include their name or any other identifying information in the report. After interviewing the subjects, describe your findings in terms of:  The stages and the processes of change i.e. how long each person was in any of the different stages and which processes of change they used. In your essay you will also need to discuss what appeared to be the most significant factor in explaining whether or not the person was able to successfully change the behaviour. You may find it useful to prepare a questionnaire to guide your interview, so that you have the information you need to discuss these topics. If you would like to ‘discuss’ this assignment with other students, click the Discussion Board icon on the main Blackboard menu.

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