Procurement management

1 Introduction This assignment, worth 40% of your final mark, is designed to embed your learnings from the first four weeks of the course, specifically:  How to undertake procurement planning; and  How to write a Scope of Work (SOW) and performance measures for a contract. There is a substantial range of theory covered in this assignment, so it is important to note the following:  A sound understanding of the basic theory is required;  Strategic thinking and critical analysis are required to ensure the most relevant theory is included;  A Procurement Plan can take a variety of forms but must be relevant to the purchase; and  Items such as performance measures must be technically correct.

2 Learning Outcomes This assignment addresses learning outcome 1.

3 Assignment Question

For this assignment you are preparing to procure the services of a cleaning contractor to clean your personal living space on a regular basis You are required to:  Develop the associated procurement plan;  Describe the specification, SOW, and the performance measures to a level which could be included in future request documentation and the eventual contract; and  Provide at least four academic, professional or corporate references to support your material. These are to be cited in the procurement plan unless associated with the SOW; and  Document any assumptions. Word count should be up to 2000 words.

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