Professional Engineering Practice Тhе саr mаnufасturing industry in Аustrаliа

 Professional Engineering Practice

industry – Тhе саr mаnufасturing industry in Аustrаliа- Issuе




Assignment Task:   

The car manufacturing industry in Australia, an industry employing many engineers, has collapsed. Not very long ago Holden, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, and even Nissan had a manufacturing presence in Australia. There have been many blame games, and many attempts to keep the industry alive, but all failed. Some analysts thought that it was the unions that caused the demise of this industry. Others think otherwise.

Write an essay arguing what you think could be the dominant reasons for the collapse of this industry, paying particular attention to the role of unions. It is expected that each essay will cite at least five independent sources of news items or journal articles. Statistical information about the car industries in Australia, recent car workers’ pay and condition, and domestic and international demand for cars should feature in the essay.

  1. The essay has to be each student’s own work; others’ work, including other students’ work, must be acknowledged if used. Collusion and plagiarism will be severely punished.
  2. Essay length: around 1500 words; word length does not include references, tables, abstract, and texts quoted from other sources.
  3. All references must be fully provided, and formatted as per IEEE style.
  4. A hard copy of the essay – typed single-side, font size 12, line spacing of 1.5, including a signed cover page ( has to be submitted to the respective tutors, or to Lutfar Khan (Office D606f, Lutfar’s locker located near Room D628). In addition, an electronic copy must be submitted through VU Collaborate.
  5. Assistance with this assignment: In the tutorials and labs of weeks 8 and 9, students can obtain assistance in their research, and in writing the essay.
  6. Marking Criteria: Essay Structure (10%), Content and Clarity (60%), Grammar and Punctuation (15%), References and Referencing Style (15%).
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