Professional Engineering Practice

Assignment Task: There have been several instances of engineering practice where actions of engineers or engineering companies, did not meet the professional conduct and the standard required of them. Select ONE such case from a published source and write a report on the case. You need to describe the facts of the case and the follow-up actions, in your own words. In light of the Code of Ethics of Engineers Australia, and that of ONE other professional body, you have to indicate in your report the particular clause(s) of the Codes of Ethics that were possibly breached, and justify your claims. Also, provide suggestions as to how a repeat of this type of incident could be avoided.
1. The report has to be each student’s own work; others’ work, including other students’ work, must be acknowledged if used. Collusion and plagiarism will be severely punished.
2. Report length: around 1000 words, typed; word length does not include references, summary, and texts quoted or borrowed from other sources.
3. All references must be fully provided, and formatted as per IEEE style.
4. A hard copy of the report – typed single-side, font size 12, line spacing of 1.5, including a signed cover page ( has to be submitted to the respective tutors, or to Lutfar Khan (Office D606f, Lutfar’s locker located near Room D628). In addition, an electronic copy must be submitted through VU Collaborate.
5. Assistance with this assignment: in the tutorials and labs of weeks 4 and 5, students can obtain assistance in their research, and in writing the report.
6. Marking Criteria: Report Structure..INTRODUCTION, MAIN BODY (SUBHEADINGS), CONCLUSION (10%), Content and Clarity (50%), Grammar and Punctuation (20%), References and Referencing Style (20%).

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