Project Analysis Report

Project Analysis Report

As instructed in the assignment guidelines, please focus on the following points while working on your project analysis report.


  1. Other than the following projects you are free to choose any project (big or small, costly or low budget project, old or modern project, local or international project, etc.). There is no time, cost, place or     scope restriction on project selection. As long as you can gather enough information to write the report feel free to select that project.


  • Adelaide Oval Stadium
  • Adelaide Tramline
  • Port Adelaide Flower Farm
  • Hindmarsh Soccer Stadium Renovation
  • National Wine Centre
  • Blackwell Underpass
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Beijing Bird Nest Stadium
  • Hong Kong Disney
  • Gallipoli Underpass
  • Beijing Olympic


  1. Select a completed project. If you select a project that hasn’t been completed, you will not be able to judge the success or failure of that project.


  1. Focus on the critical analysis part of the project report as you are asked to critically analyse success or failure of a project not merely describing a project. You should dedicate at least 35-40% (approximately 600 words) of the report on this critical analysis section.


  1. You can write upto 1800 words (1500 words+20%) without any penalty. Executive summary, appendices and references will not be the part of the word-count.


  1. There is no minimum reference requirement for this assessment, but make sure to provide appropriate references for information collected from different sources. I am assuming there should be at least one reference as you have to collect the project information from somewhere.


  1. In the “course resource tab” three sample assignments are posted for you to have a look. These sample assessments will give you ideas about the requirements of this assessment.


  1. Finally, please read the assessment instructions carefully from page 6 & 7 to make sure your report is written according to the instructions provided.
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