project management

Research Assignment

You are expected to produce a short technical report (approximately between 1000 – 2000 words, plus diagrams and figures) with an appropriate reference list on an engineering project of your choice.  The project may be a certain bridge like the Westgate, a building such as the Rialto, a vehicle or dam.  These are just examples.  You will need to come up with your own and it does not have to be an Australian example, it may be from any country.

The report should make use of information gathered from various sources:-

A newspaper, a technical journal, a web site or a book are examples.  All sources must be properly referenced and must follow the APA style.  The use of one single source is not good enough and will result in loss of marks. Using only one website is also not good enough and will result in a severe loss of marks.   Note that listing the websites Wikipedia or as a reference will result in a zero mark.

The focus of the report must be on the essential engineering properties of the project, such as how it was designed and built, what materials were used and what makes it special when compared to other similar projects.  Relate this to the section What is a project? from the text, chapter 1, pp 5 – 6. Cover the five major characteristics of a project that are listed.

Keep your choice of topic to more recent achievements, at least from the era of the industrial age to now.  Do not chose from antiquity such as the Giza Pyramids, Taj Mahal or the Colosseum of Rome for example, as these will not be approved.

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