project requires us to research a specific refugee group that comes to Australia to understand their unique informational needs

This project requires us to research a specific refugee group that comes to Australia to understand their unique informational needs. Based on our research findings we will create an information pack, tailored to a specific cultural group, which includes important information on life in Australia. The information pack will be given to refugees on their first day in the Australian Cultural Orientation Program (ACOP) offered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The information pack must be constructed in a way which allows the refugee to easily access information and may utilize icon design and info-graphics to visualise important information to cultural groups who have limited understanding of English. The information pack is something that will be an ongoing resource for refugees so we should consider the longevity of the object with our choice of materials and finishes.

The first section of the project is a research process report, which is exactly what I am asking you to help with.

Assessment 1: Research Process Report
For this section of the project you are to generate a Research Process Report based on your study of refugees in Australia. Using proper referencing styles, your Research Process Report will present the viewer with information regarding the status of refugees in Australia and a chosen cultural group. Your research must be very clearly stated and organized.

The report will cover the following:
• Introduction: an overview of your research
• General Facts: Australian refugee facts/figures
• Overview: of your chosen cultural group: ie. language, customs, conditions of conflict in their nation that brought them to this country).
• Visual information: symbols, colours, ceremonial dress, etc. that are important to this group and an explanation of their relevance.
• General Discussion: review your cultural group findings and relate any cultural taboos relating to symbols/colours.
• Overview: conclude your findings and present a design plan based on your research.

Structure (very important):
The final report will be at least 3000 words. Below is a guideline of how you might structure the report and the word count for each section.
Introduction 400-500 words (approx. one page)
General Australian Refugee Facts 400-500 words (approx. one pages)
Overview of your chosen Cultural Group 800-1000 words (approx. two pages)
Specific Information on Colour Symbolism 500 words (approx 1 page) and examples (as many pages as you feel fit)
Specific Information on important Symbols 500 words (approx 1 page) and examples (as many as you feel fit)
Discussion of cultural taboos/customs relating to colours and symbols and their difference to Australian cultural customs 500 words ( pprox. 1 pages text) and examples

Important Notes:
The culture group I chose is the Hazaras, a Persian-speaking people who mainly live in central Afghanistan and Hazara Town in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is really important that you need to find many examples of Colour Symbolism, symbols of this culture group. Word description is not enough. Pictures are needed to support the word description.

Besides, the example of the report is in the attached file, please have a look.

Lastly, please include at least 20 references in APA style. Thank you very much.

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