Public relations case study for an organisation

Choose a public relations case study for an organisation which dealt with a crisis incident or reputation issue. The organisation can be a corporation, government agency, or not-for-profit. It may be a domestic or an international case. The case may or may not highlight success. Remember sometimes there is more to be learned from failure than success.
Consider public relations association websites as sources for case studies (refer to the Unit Outline), or texts and other PR publications. A good place to start might be the case studies included in PRIA’s Golden Target Awards, national annual awards recognising excellence in the public relations industry.

Prepare a report which analyses the public relations response to the incident or issue.
The report should include:
• A brief description of the context of the issue/incident including the background and key stakeholders
• A description of the organisation’s assessment of the issue/incident
• An analysis of how the organisation responded to the issue/incident
• An explanation of the role of public relations theories, frameworks and models in responding to reputational issues
• A description of the outcomes of the organisation’s response
• Recommendations for improved reputation and crisis planning, communications and management.

Your report should use appropriate academic sources (at least 15) to support your analysis and findings.
Your report should be structured as follows:
• An executive summary that succinctly presents the main arguments, conclusions and recommendations;
• An index or table of contents complete with page numbering;
• An introduction that covers the issues relevant to the question that you will be considering in the report and the scope of your inquiry;
• The report body including identification and rigorous analysis of the issues you have identified, with sub-headings for clarity;
• A conclusion that reflects your overall assessment of the effectiveness of the organisation’s response, including recommendations for improvement.

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