QANTAS Case Study

OExecutive Summary (one page)

OSummarise findings, conclusion and recommendations


OTable of Contents

OUse WORD template

OIndicate headings, subheadings, pages



OProvide a brief overview of Qantas

OState the report objectives, scope and limitations

ODefine key term/s


External Analysis

1 State what industry is it

2General environment analysis


OSocio cultural





3The industry environment

OAnalyse 5 forces (supplier power, buyer power, potential entrants,substitute products, and rivalry among competitors

4The competitive environment

OWhat is the rivalry like in this group? What capabilities do the relevant firms have? What strategies do they follow? What threats do they represent?

5 Opportunities and threats


Internal Analysis

6 The firm’s resources, tangible and intangible

7 Capabilities identification

8Core competency analysis

OUse the four tests for a core competency table.

9Value Chain Analysis

OAnalyse primary and support activities for the firm (chapter 3)

10 Weakness

11Pulling it together

OUse SWOT analysis

12Current strategies

OWhat are firm’s current strategies? Explain why they have been adopted?



ORecommend Strategies to take advantage of opportunities and handle threats

OProvide recommendations in the:

OBusiness level (topic 4,Chapter 4)

OCorporate level (topic 5, Chapter 6)

OInternational level (topic 7, Chapter 8)



OSummarise key points in your report



OUse at least 8 academic sources, applying APA referencing

OUse Qantas’ website, journal articles to access additional information about the company


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