Questions a literature review should answer

Questions a literature review should answer

• Why is this topic important?
• Who else thinks it’s important?
• Who has done work on the topic before?
• Who has done something similar to what I will be doing?
• What can be adapted into my study?
• What are the gaps in the research?
• How can my study fill these gaps?
• Who might use the outcomes from my study?
• What contribution to the field will my study make?
• Why audit of information system is required?
• What is an audit program?
• Are there existing audit tools?
• What are their strength / weakness?
e.g proprietary

What to include

All kinds of sources are eligible:
• Books, journal articles, theses,
conference papers, academic posters, etc
• Government publications, statistics,
archives, acts of parliament, etc
• Maps, blueprints, newspapers, database
results, etc
Focus mainly on sources that meet
academic standards


Three basic elements:
• Introduction: gives a quick idea about the
topic, central themes, and structure, etc.
• Body: contains the discussion of sources and
interrelationships, etc.
• Conclusion: discusses what you have drawn
out of the literature and where the discussion
might go, etc.

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