Rероrt Еvаluаtiоn оf thе саsе study’s businеss рrасtiсеs аnd strаtеgiеs

Assessment #2 – Report

Report for “Evaluation of the case study’s business practices and strategies”


Please select ONE tourism/airline/hospitality/event industry sector which you want to focus on.

It can be a specific company or one type of the industry sector for tourism/airline/hospitality/event areas.


Students are required to evaluate the case study industry’s business practices, key strategies used, and recommendations in relation to the select six lecture topics (Topics 5-10)



Format of Assignment 2:


This assignment is an analytical report which must use the following format:


Title page (do not use an assignment cover sheet) – student’s full name, tutor’s name, course, and assignment title


Table of contents with page numbers


Introduction – very brief introduction to the assignment


Overview of the case study industry sector/specific company




Lecture topic 5: Visitor experience management

Lecture topic 6: Developing destination diversity: place, community and culture

Lecture topic 7; Strategic alliances and Industry partnerships

Lecture topic 8: Strategic control for tourism destinations

Lecture topic 9: Green leadership strategies

Lecture topic 10: Crisis and risk management


Conclusion – a brief summary of the most significant points from your analysis


References – a list of all materials directly referred to in the report (must include 10 relevant refereed journal articles)


Appendices – 15% of continuous assessment


Lecture/tutorial activities are a part of this assignment – 15% of this assignment has been allocated to students demonstrating that they have incorporated the lecture/tutorial activities into their learning. Students can include evidence of their active participation in class activities.

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