Rеgаining МсDоnаld’s Соmреtitivе Аdvаntаgе Case study and Sample Answers

Rеgаining МсDоnаld’s Соmреtitivе Аdvаntаgе Case study and Sample Answers

The individuals or pairs are then required to complete the following case study:
Regaining McDonald’s Competitive Advantage (Hill/Jones. Theory of Strategic Management. 10th ed., South-Western, 2013. Pp 114-115)

When approaching the case there will be a need to go beyond simply answering the questions at the end of the case and hence further research into the issues discussed should be conducted utilising the AAMC LRC and online library resources to find resources. The reference list should include at least two peer reviewed articles and presented in APA format (as per the HCT requirement). It is estimated that your final submission should be at least 5 (5) pages.

Steps for case analysis
1. Gain a feel for the case by briefly reading through once or twice. Ask:
a. What sort of organisation does the case concern?
b. What is the broad nature of the industry?
c. What is going on in the external environment?
d. What, if any issues does management appear to be facing?
2. Read the case a second time, identifying key facts and clarifying the main issues. You may need to ‘read between the lines’, interpreting and connecting the case facts, and deducing issues yourself.
3. Read the questions posed by the case carefully and brainstorm some ideas and responses to these.
a. Make sure you understand what the Case questions require
4. Identify the concepts and theories that explain the issues, problems and answers to the questions.
5. Locate the gaps between the information included in the case and what additional information is needed to formulate high-quality answers to the case questions. Conduct any additional research required.
6. Combine all the information collected to formulate the best and most accurate answer possible as a group.
There is generally no single correct solution to a case’s issues or questions; consider alternative solutions. Case analysis involves the application of sound principles. Consider which of the concepts and principles already introduced in your course apply in this case.



Elbanna (2009) states that the concept of competitive advantage is a very widely resourced and discussed concept.  Many businesses which have risen to become epitomes of success through a brand development and phenomenal growth (rated by revenue flow and asset base) have been able to do so through the  fact that they have identified and maintained a level of competitiveness in the market (Sheth, nd). Having a competitive advantage makes the company become visible and maintains a much needed lead over the other companies in the market. Losing the advantage is detrimental. In view of the above, this paper will conduct a case study on McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest companies and well recognized brands.  Several factors will be investigated including how the company lost its competitive advantage and how this was gained back……..

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