Recruitment Selection and Workforce Planning



Q1. Staff turnover is a factor that impacts on all organisations.

a)    List 3 negative impacts that high staff turnover could have on your business

b)    List any positive impacts on a business that could arise from a moderate turnover of staff?




Q2. The term “demographics” is often used to better understand the nature of your workforce.  Describe the term “Demographics” and list 3 demographic features of your staff





Q3. Staffing requirements may vary at different times according to the business demands of the organisation.  List 3 examples of where an organisation could require an increased workforce.  Consider both temporary and permanent factors.


Q4. List 3 factors that may affect the workforce supply.


Q5.  Workforce diversity or even diversity in the composition of work teams, can have a positive effect on achieving organisational objectives. 

Comment on this statement and give some examples to support your comments.




Q6. What would you be looking for when establishing the workforce plan for your organisation?




a) Describe what the term “Succession Planning” means in terms of workforce planning?

b) Describe some of the features of a well-developed succession planning strategy.



Q8. Develop a list of the relevant stakeholders who should be involved in developing and endorsing workforce objectives and explain why they need to be involved.










This project is designed to take the underpinning knowledge you have gained throughout this unit and apply it to industry.

Read the following scenario outline:

Workforce planning within your organisation is a major issue.  The Managing Director has tasked you to undertake a project to explore the current situation so that a plan can be put in place.

You and the Managing Director recently had a detailed meeting so that you would understand exactly what he wanted you to do.  Please review your notes from the meeting below:

Meeting  – Workforce planning project

I need to create a report covering both internal and external factors.  He wants as a minimum the report to cover…….

An analysis of our internal labour:

·       Turnover – what is it year to date? How does that compare to last year?

·       Staff mix – how many casuals/part time/full time do we have?

·       Skill sets – what skills and knowledge we currently have on payroll?

·       What do we need to meet the strategic objectives over the next 12 months? How many staff? With what skills?

·       How are we doing on labourspend against plan?

·       Are we an employer of choice? If yes what do we do that we should continue? If not what can we do?

·       Are we paying any overtime?

·       Is our workforce diverse enough?

·       What do exit interviews tell us about why staff leave?

·       Do we have a succession plan in place for all positions?

·       Is anyone leaving or retiring soon that we know of?

·       What contingency plans do we have in place to deal with staff shortages?

Analysis of external labour market:

·       What trends in the external labour market affect us?

·       Is their labour with required skills available?

·       Where can we source labour from?

·       Is there training going on that will increase pool of labour?


As you can see within your notes the conversation didn’t follow any clear path.  Your task now is to create a report for the managing director that answers all of the above questions in a structured manner

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