Reflection on Sustainability Victoria policies

Building Development & Compliance
Activity #5: Portfolio(50%)
Reflection on Sustainability Victoria policies based on what you learned in the unit NEA2201
Visit this site: to discover the core information you need to understand what it is Sustainability Victoria is undertaking on your behalf.
A person living in the State of Victoria
Sustainability Victoria – Who we are
Sustainability Victoria’s statutory objective
SV has obligations under the Environment Protection Act 1970 for statewide waste management strategy and planning, as well as managing the Sustainability Fund. is to facilitate and promote environmental sustainability in the use of resources. Established under the Sustainability Victoria Act 2005, SV is a statutory authority with a board appointed by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.
WE need to practice Sustainability? The question is HOW?
The next question is ….Success …or Failure?
• Who We Are
• Our partners

• Waste and Resource Recovery Groups

Contact details for Waste and Resource Recovery Groups
• Waste and resource recovery How we will deliver an integrated waste and resource recovery system in Victoria.
• Resource efficiency

Media Releases
This portfolio is a written format with value added photos or graphic extracts.
Portfolio requirements:
As detailed below Undertake research as part of a group 3 or 4 or individually
Individual entry – 2,000 words plus photos or graphics
Team entry – 2,000 words per member plus photos or graphics
Refer to page #2 for detailed criteria in assessment guidelines
Focus on the topics you choose. Individuals are required to select 3 or more as you see fit. Group research and written presentation needs to cover at least 2 topics per member. We want quality not short cuts. If you are submitting the portfolio as a team you need to specify each team member’s work as the portfolio will be assessed individually.

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