Reflective Diary

Reflective Diary (2,000 words)

Students are expected to reflect on the key issues for each week and

document their response in writing using ideas from the key theories and

readings in the seminars. Students are to reflect on at least five (5)

seminars ( 2 seminars must be the Guest Lectures). Students are to reflect

on seminars that they have attended (including the Guest Lectures) and

cannot reflect on seminars that they did not attend. The Diary should be

based on critical reflection (not simply a summary of the seminars). Some

guiding questions for reflection include: What are the main ideas/theories

discussed? Are there key issues/theories? What are some of the

challenges when applying theory to practice? Have your ideas changed

or been reinforced in terms of issues covered in the seminars that relate to

leadership? What have you learned more broadly? However, all quotes or

ideas taken from other sources must be referenced appropriately using a

recognised academic referencing system such as the author/date or

Harvard referencing systems.

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