Reflective journal Task

Task Description:
No matter what course you are studying, it is important to start thinking early about where you want to end up once you graduate. The purpose of this assessment is to engage you with the field from the beginning of your course, encourage you to explore the types of work currently being undertaken, and reflect on your own personal career interests given the diversity of opportunities you have been exposed to through this unit.
You are to reflect on all that you have experienced and learned in this unit. Describe what aspects of public health and/or health promotion you are interested in pursuing in the future and explain why this interests you.
Describe your action plan for achieving your career goals. This might include identifying suitable volunteering opportunities, specific electives you might undertake in your course, and so forth. If you are studying this unit as part of another course, then you may instead discuss how what you have learnt will be useful to your future career in your chosen profession.

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