reflective journal to discuss the teamwork as experienced in your group project



As part of evaluating the participative process, an individual reflective journal is required to be maintained throughout the course, due for submission after the group presentation and final group report has been submitted.


For many aspects of life, accurate self-assessment is an important and valuable skill. This applies to your own personal and professional development, where self-assessment is often needed to diagnose where you might need additional assistance or training. Similarly, it is useful to be able to use this skill to highlight your talents to gain employment. In this reflection, we are focusing on teamwork as practiced, experienced and observed during the marketing project.


reflective journal – TEAMWORK


Write a reflective journal to discuss the teamwork as experienced in your group project and how this helped or hindered the application of marketing theories into a practical solution for your business partner.


The following questions will assist in the development of your reflection assignment:

  • Describe the practice of teamwork in relation to undertaking the marketing project for your business partner.
  • How were team roles assigned and applied in practice in relation to the marketing project? Critique the roles and processes.
  • Evaluate the team dynamics with reference to the capabilities, capacities, characteristics, practices and/or skills required for successful teamwork in succeeding in the completion of your marketing project.
  • Identify ways you might improve your own effectiveness when engaging in future teamwork.
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