Reflective Report

Assignment – Reflective Report
You are required to evaluate a food and beverage establishment of your choice. The food and beverage establishment must be classified as a restaurant or café and must serve alcohol. Students are strongly encouraged to consume the food and beverage products through a dining experience or of their place of employment if currently working in industry.
Please present this assignment in report format. – 1200 words. It must include:
Cover/Title Page (Must contain all subject, student and lecturer details, page numbers)1.0 Introduction (What is the purpose of this report?)2.0 Name the food and beverage establishment, it’s location and type of cuisine served3.0 Define the type of food and beverage establishment i.e. café, restaurant4.0 Define the type of service, i.e buffet, fine dining, casual dining, a la carte, set menu etc(These definitions must all be referenced – 4 in total)
4.1 Does the furniture and fittings match the type of establishment?4.2 Does the menu and beverage list match the type of establishment?
5.0 Students should make comment on:5.1 Uniforms of staff. Are they appropriate for the type of establishment?5.2 Skills of wait staff. Do wait staff display skills of a trained food and beverage attendant?5.3 Staffing levels of front of house. Is their appropriate number of staff for number of customers?5.4 Were you greeted, seated and ordered in a timely manner?5.5 Did your beverages arrive in a timely manner?5.6 Staffing levels of back of house. Is their appropriate number of staff for number of customers?5.7 Did your food arrive in a timely manner? Was it presented well (may include photos)?5.8 Food and beverage quality. Were you satisfied with your dining experience?5.9 Would you recommend this food and beverage establishment to others? Why or why not?
6.0 Conclusion7.0 Reference List8.0 Appendices (optional)

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