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Project assignment:

In the course (BUS 2903) you have to complete some group work. Students must submit a project and do a presentation about the content. The group work (as well as an individual component) will be assessed and a final mark will be awarded in week 14. Based on this knowledge, you must select a large firm in the UAE. (Hint: Select a firm that has very significant logistics and supply chain activities.) Here are some examples of firms (companies) in the UAE that you can consider:


  • Lulus, Carrefour, Spinneys, Abu Dhabi co-op
  • Toyota, BMW, Kia
  • Etihad airways, Emirates airways, flydubai
  • Marmum, Al-Ain dairy, Almarai
  • Khalifa Port, Jebel Ali Port
  • Etihad rail
  • Masafi, Al-Ain, Arwa bottled water
  • Starbucks, Costa, Caribou coffee
  • McDonalds, Burger King, Burger Fuel
  • IKEA, Home Centre, Pan Emirates
  • ADCB, DIB, First Gulf Bank


Before you answer any questions you have to decide the following:


  • Who will be in your group? (Suggested group size is 3-5 students as long as teamwork can be evaluated and individual contributions can be assessed.)
  • Look at the list of companies above. Which company do you want to focus on? You are also welcome to select any other company as long as it is in the UAE.


Week 1-2: Supply chain and logistics


  1. Compile or draw a supply chain for one of the companies mentioned above:
    1. Include the supply chain flows of information, goods and services, and finances in the supply chain.
    2. Include ten different logistics activities in the supply chain. Show where they belong in the supply chain.


  1. Which forces are driving the rate of change and how are they affecting the firm?


Week 3: Sourcing and Supply Management


  1. Explain the different types of buys for the firm. Provide examples.
  2. Select a specific supplier for the firm. Illustrate and briefly discuss each step of the Strategic Sourcing process and apply it to the firm that you have selected.


Week 4: Customer Service and Demand Management


  1. How is the firm delivering its products to the point of consumption?
  2. Explain the dimensions of customer service and how the firm is applying it.
  3. Provide examples of the different elements of customer service of the firm and how does the firm measure customer service? Do you think they can improve their customer service? Why or why not?
  4. Briefly explain Order Management and Order Fulfillment at the firm. Use clear headings for each section.
  5. What options does the customer have if the firm runs out of stock? Apply your examples to the firm above.


Week 6: Inventory Management


  1. Provide examples of the different types of Inventory that the firm carries. Use clear headings for each section.
  2. Briefly explain how the firm classifies its inventory and provide examples.
  3. Briefly explain the different types of inventory costs (i.e. components of the EOQ model). Provide examples of each for the firm.


Week 7: Transportation Management


  1. Assume that you are the Logistics and Supply Chain manager for the firm and that you need to plan transportation for some items that need to be imported into the UAE. What are the transportation planning decisions that have to be a supply chain? Explain each step in detail and explain how you would apply the transportation planning decisions to the firm. Select a specific item for the firm.
  2. Briefly explain the different modes of transportation that the firm uses. Do an Internet search or visit the firm and provide some photographs.
  3. Explain how the firm uses intermodal transportation.
  4. Why does the firm use this/these modes of transportation (as opposed to other modes)?
  5. How will the firm measure the performance of its transportation?


Week 9-10: Distribution Management


  1. Briefly explain the role of distribution in the firm.
  2. Discuss the strategic distribution decisions that have/ had to be made in the firm. Does the firm use cross-docking? Does the firm have warehouses and if they do, where are they located? What functions are performed in the warehouses?
  3. If a manager of the firm were to approach you about the number of warehouses, what would you advise the firm in terms of warehousing costs, transportations costs, inventory costs and out of stock (or lost sales) costs)?
  4. Explain materials handling techniques in the firm and provide some examples. Do an Internet search and provide some photos or illustrations of materials handling equipment of the firm.
  5. Explain the use of packaging in the firm.


Week 12: Supply Chain Relationships and Outsourcing


  1. Refer to the course material and provide some examples of supply chain relationships within the firm. Provide an example of (1) transactional relationships and (2) strategic relationships.
  2. Do supply chain relationships mean anything in the supply chain or does the firm with the most power manage everything to its benefit? Explain.
  3. Does the firm use outsourcing? Provide examples. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing?


Week 13: Supply Chain Performance Measurement


  1. Provide examples of some of the performance metrics that the firm uses.
  2. How can a firm measure supply chain performance. Discuss these measures in detail and provide examples for the firm.


Week 13-14: Strategies for Logistics and Supply Chain Management


  1. Briefly explain how the firm is applying the principles of supply chain management.
  2. Explain the different supply chain strategies that the firm is implementing (Differentiation strategies, Financial strategies, Technology based strategies, Relationship based strategies).


Part 4: Group presentation and company analysis

Details to be confirmed by College Faculty

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