research and discuss aspects of access control system (ACS) technology

This assignment requires students to research and discuss aspects of access control system (ACS)
technology. Students should choose one or more ACS technologies, and a specific topic area upon
which to focus the discussion. Examples of topic areas may include the following:
Recent or new developments in ACS technology;
Current ACS technology research and development projects;
ACS technology trends and future directions;
Innovative or novel features or applications of ACS technology;
Comparisons and contrasts between different ACS technologies; or
Issues associated with the capabilities and implementation of ACS technology.
Please note that these are examples only, and students are free to choose other topics as
appropriate. The particular technologies may include one or more of the following:
Types of control portals;
Locking devices;
Cards and other tokens;
Controllers, computers and other hardware;
Communications and networking;
Power supplies;
Relevant ancillaries; or
Complete ACS.
Within these guidelines, students have significant flexibility to choose the assignment’s format,
structure and content. The final product, however, must demonstrate extensive research, sound
understanding and professional writing skills. As such, students should select topics and
technologies that prompt

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