research article project

1. The article must carry;

a. Title
b. Introduction

• Define the topic of study
• Why did you choose the topic?
• What is its relevance to human being?
• What do you aim to study in this topic?

c. Hypothesis
The hypothesis must between 2 to 4 and each hypothesis in new line and number them .
d. Body

• Review of previous researches related to the topic: minimum 3 and maximum 5 and it has to be new from ( 2010 ) and above . ( causes , effects , symptoms , treatments )
• Summarize and/or paraphrase each related study with in-text citation and end of references
• Put the interview file that is attached

e. Conclusion
In this part u have to include if the hypothesis is right or wrong .
f. References (APA style)

2. The project should consist of minimum 10 pages excluding the references and the cover page. You will use font size “12” in “Times New Roman style” and the space between lines should be “1.5”.

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